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Grant Writing

Funding is the lifeblood of any organization whether it be a business, governmental entity or charity. Tight budgets have forced financial and project managers to look for alternative means of funding. Many organizations have considered applying for grants from various governmental and charitable sources, but feel that the time, expertise or personnel are not available to take advantage of these opportunities.

Our firm has a proven record of success in preparation and presentation of grant applications for both governmental and charitable entities. Over the last five years, clients have been approved to receive over $12 million in funds. If you need assistance in applying for a grant, please give us a call. We will work with your organization to obtain the funds. Compensation may be based upon either an hourly, flat or contingent percentage fee.

David F. Gossom is conveniently located in Wichita Falls, Texas and serves clients throughout the counties of Wichita, Archer, Young, Denton, Clay, Montague, Wise and Baylor.